Trust Patron wins animal conservation “Nobel” price

Trust Patron wins animal conservation “Nobel” price

Last night was a pretty special one for penguins world-wide.

Pablo “Popi” Garcia-Borboroglu has been announced as the winner of the prestigious Indianapolis Prize, the world’s leading award for animal conservation. Popi was named the winner in London last night, where events and celebrations are taking place there in his honor.

“Dr. Pablo Borboroglu is responsible for major achievements in understanding penguin behavior and ecology. He has preserved millions of acres of critical penguin habitat, which is an astonishing achievement. He is a powerful, optimistic and expert voice for animal conservation and is extremely deserving of this year’s Indianapolis Prize,” said Dr. Rob Shumaker, President and CEO of the Indianapolis Zoological Society, Inc.

“I am incredibly humbled and grateful to be named the 2023 Indianapolis Prize Winner. This prestigious award will be instrumental in supporting efforts to protect penguins and their habitat,” said Popi, president of the Global Penguin Society and co-founder and patron of the Tawaki Trust. “Needing both land and sea, penguins face unprecedented threats requiring large-scale change. Through this award, we hope to inspire and encourage people around the world to take decisive action in safeguarding the environment. It is only through our collective efforts that we can ensure our environment and its wildlife are able to thrive.”

This will certainly give the Tawaki Trust a major boost here in New Zealand as well. There is a lot of work to do and it is simply amazing to have Popi on board to improve the situation of our native penguin species